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Now that you have had some experience in the converging of media in the Flickr Story, we want to take it a bit further. This assignment will ask you to use iMovie to add sound and motion to your narrative: think convergence.

Start with a small, simple narrative. You may use the images and ideas from exercise one, but you will be adding the following to them:

  1. At least 10 more images or several seconds of digital video
  2. At least one “found” object that adds significance to the narrative
  3. Music of some sort, either borrowed or composed with Garageband
  4. voice-over narration

The product should be a minimum of at least a minute, but not longer than 3 minutes. Here are some elements to keep in mind as you develop this project:

  1. Point (of View) — the angle from which the story is told, and the final point of the story, what you want people to remember or the reason for the story
  2. Dramatic Question — the tension that holds the audience from beginning to end, like will the boy get he girl?
  3. Emotional Content — genuine portrayal of emotional — a potential for negation or loss — contrast of desire with its opposite
  4. Your Voice — keep writing succinct; make several recordings
  5. Soundtrack — be sure it’s suited to your story’s meaning, in mood, tempo, and lyrics
  6. Economy — the interaction of the visual, the soundtrack, and the narration — let the three work together: do not try to use too much — keep it simple
  7. Pacing — the rhythm of the story — try to vary your approaches for a better effect — don’t forget to breathe

Consider writing your narration on the front and back of one 4×6 card; this will equal about 2 to 3 minutes of narration. Truth works well, as in genuine and honest, not necessarily factual. A strong story usually follows the shortest path to its destination, or the point of the story. Remember that every word, image, and sound counts: nothing should be superfluous, as it detracts from the effect of the narrative.

(Adapted from the Digital Storytelling Cookbook (PDF))


Helpful Links

Some Ideas

  • Express a strong belief you have and how it came to be so meaningful for you.
  • Describe the most exciting moment in your life and why it was so significant.
  • Explain a disappointment you had and what you learned from it.
  • Recount a discovery you made and what led you to it.
  • Make a digital postcard from a trip you’ve recently taken.
  • Examine your favorite room and share what it reveals about you.
  • Describe something you faithfully buy and why it is so important to you.
  • Look at your family and its mealtime rituals.
  • Consider your biggest mealtime disaster or triumph.
  • Compose a narrative about your favorite food or beverage and why it became so.

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