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WritDM Lesson 3: Collaboration

This week we make a contribution to LitWiki, a web site that focuses on teaching and learning in the humanities. For this collaborative lesson, the class will write a single page on LitWiki, a wiki that uses the same engine as Wikipedia. It’s the class’ job to research, to plan, and to write a new […]

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WritDM Lesson 2: Composition

This lesson, we start our focused blog: a project that will further help you define yourself as an (amateur) expert. A “focused blog” is one that: uses strong writing for digital media, takes a specific and narrow focus on a particular subject that addresses the needs of a specific set of users. Read more » Goals To continue building our brands as […]

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DigCul Lesson 4: Posthumanism

Logically, if because of our technology, humans are cyborgs or transhumans, then the next stage in our evolution could be called “posthuman.” Like the postmodern in relation to the modern, we will borrow from our past, but we will also move beyond it. Futurist Ray Kurzweil calls technology “evolution by other means.” As we have […]

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DigCul Lesson 3: Cyberspace

Cyberspace. We use the term rarely these days — if at all — since what we used to “log on” to visit has become a part of our daily lives. Where are we when we inhabit cyberspace? This week we examine cyberculture: just where we go when we go online and the new realities that inhabit these […]

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DigCul Lesson 2: Postmodernism

Digital culture is an offshoot postmodernism. Therefore, this week, we examine postmodernism and other schools of interpretation. Perhaps the single dominant characteristic of postmodernism is play. It’s an intellectual practice that deconstructs, patches together, and revels in remix. The postmodern also looks for new forms of expression to give voice to alternative perspectives of the […]

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WritDM Lesson 1: Establish Your Persona

Welcome to your first lesson for WritDM. In this lesson you will establish your online presence for the course, take a short refresher course about writing conventions, and begin to build your professional, digital persona. You’ll also get some practice with Twitter along the way. Lesson Goals Get to know your peers and begin to […]

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DigCul Lesson 1: The Humanities & the Liberal Arts

Welcome to the first lesson of HUMN 2151 “Digital Cultures.” As a way of getting into the subject of the course, first we’ll concentrate on some of the foundational vocabulary and ideas, just so we all start on the same page. Our first lesson in HUMN 2151 is designed to: Provide a review about conventions […]

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Online Basics

First things first for an online course: we need to get everyone setup for the digital components. One of the great things about the digital world is that it offers options. Plenty of options. Perhaps too many. That’s why I’ve put together this handy-dandy introduction. All work done for this class will be done on […]

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Humanities Basics

Before you can begin your work for this course, you must first learn or review the fundamentals about the liberal arts in general and the discipline of the humanities specifically. This lesson provides a quick introduction to basic literacies that educated writers must use when communicating about culture. Goals Discover strategies for college success; Learn […]

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Twitter Lesson

Much of the focus in Writing for Digital Media is professionalization. In order to become part of a professional community, you must begin to network with people who share you professional interests and goals. A great way to begin this process is by using Twitter in a strategic manner. If you have not yet done […]

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