Humanities 1, Summer 2012

This section has been canceled. Please consider taking it in the fall.


This section of HUMN 2155 will examine the beginnings of Western culture as they are represented in their cultural “texts.” Our journey will begin with the oral myths and epics and take us through the rise and decline of the first epoch of humanity to its rebirth in the Renaissance. We will look at the influence of literature, visual art, architecture, and music on the endeavors of humanity in its cultural and social relationships and institutions.

Required Texts

The following two texts will be available in the MSC book store, but you may also order them online via the links below.

In addition to this book, several downloadable PDFs will also be required. See the syllabus below.

More to come . . .

Catalog Information

53022 HUMN 2155.01 TR 3p-5:20p: Survey of Humanities 1
Image by Herbert James Draper “Lamet for Icarus” (1898).

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