EText Authoring, Fall 2012

86380 NMAC 3999.01 Special Topics MW 3:30-4:50p H/SS-124 | #etxtaut


This section of NMAC 3999 Special Topics will focus on writing for the screen of mobile devices. “EText Authoring” addresses the theory and practice of writing and publishing electronic texts for digital devices. This class examines how to compose for the screen, considers the challenges of this new medium, and teaches the best approaches for delivering content using authoring software.

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Course Goals

This course will increase students’ understanding of composing for the screen, in general, and eText authoring production using various software applications, specifically.

EText Authoring is designed to be an advanced digital writing course. It seeks to further develop the digital literacies of theory and production with specific course projects, readings, and discussions. EText Authoring teaches the skills necessary to write for the screen instead of paper, to consider the consequences of this cultural shift, to work collaboratively for the most efficacious results, and to publish eTexts that are effective and user-driven.

Required Texts

The Carroll text will be available in the MSC book store, but you may also order via the link below. The McKesson and Witwer is a free etext that you may download as either a PDF or an EPUB (for your iPad).

In addition to this book, several downloadable PDFs will also be required. See the syllabus below.


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