On-Campus Internship



This is an on-campus internship designed to provide NMAC students with an opportunity to apply their academic training by working as an editor or student leader for an on-campus student-run media organization such as The Macon StatementThe Fall Line Review, or MSC-TV.

Goals and Objectives

A goal of an internship is to provide you with the opportunity to apply the critical thinking, writing, technological, and other skills you have learned in NMAC courses to some practical use—either on campus or off campus. To this end, in consultation with me, you work in a media-related activity or organization. Through the course of your internship, you give evidence of your activities and accomplishments in a number of assignments (see below).


As this course is an internship, not all of the usual course policies will be germane. The following are applicable, and the intern will be held responsible for observing them.

As a Macon State College student and as a student in any of my classes, it is your responsibility to read, understand, and abide by the MSC Student Code of Conduct from the MSC Student Handbook (PDF).


Conference (10%)

We will need to meet for two formal conferences—one before mid-term, and one following mid-term—to discuss the progress of your work. Of course, you are free to communicate with me at any other time as well. Whether you choose to contact me through e-mail, by phone, or in person, I am always happy to discuss your work with you. Contact me soon to arrange an appointment time for our first conference.

Email Log (40%)

During the course of a fifteen week semester, a student should spend a minimum of ten hours a week on an internship course. Summer internships may average a longer weekly time commitment. You will need to keep a log of the hours that you spend on your internship and e-mail to me (no later than Friday of each week of the internship) a record of your activities. Your e-mail log need not be extensive; 50-100 words should be sufficient for each entry. Failure to log in an e-mail by Friday of each week will certainly affect your grade in the course.

Portfolio (50%)

This is the most important component in your internship. While your portfolio is to be substantive, I recognize that the form and content of the portfolio will vary from student to student. For instance, if you are engaged in newspaper or magazine editing, you might include in your portfolio not only copies of an issue that you have edited but also drafts or proofs of the issue along with some indication of your editorial involvement. If you are involved in an Internet, MSC-TV, or some other media project, you might provide tapes, disks, web links, or some other kind of evidence documenting both the progress and end result of your work. These examples are just that–examples. I am open to other suggestions about the content and format of your portfolio. Come to our first conference prepared to discuss your ideas for your portfolio.\

Catalog Information

Macon State College | Department of Media, Culture, and the Arts | NMAC 4470 | Credit: 3 hours | Prerequisite: ITEC 2215 and at least a “C” in ENGL 3106
This course can be taken only once for credit.

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