Writing for Digital Media, Fall 2012

86294 NMAC 3108.01 MW 9:30-10:50a H/SS-124: Writing for Digital Media | #wdm


Writing for Digital Media (WDM) teaches the writing skills necessary in the digital age, specifically designed for the New Media & Communications degree. It takes for its foundational premise that digital media differs from that of print in several key ways, and because of these differences, to use digital media successfully, writers must develop specific skills for its mastery. WDM is designed to introduce students to these skills, provide them various projects in which to develop them, and teach them to become savvy producers and consumers of new media.

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Required Texts

The following text will be available in the MSC book store, but you may also order via the link below.

In addition to this book, several downloadable PDFs will also be required. See the syllabus below.




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