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  • Brian McGill

    Medea as a woman is first of all smart, NOT stupid. She has the power to kill, as well as love. Medea would fight in a battle as oposid to giveing birth to childern. Medea does try to take guidence from the other women, but in the end she does what will cause to most damage to jason and his whole kingdom. She KILLS her childern!

    Medea will come to to regret this soon enough, but is is her drive to do harm to Jason that causes her to pretty much her control over her thoughts.

    • Sandy Callaway

      Medias tragic flaw was her passionate love for Jason. Her rage was a result Jason not being able to return that same depth of love to her. Media proved her passionate love for Jason when she killed her own brother. Media would have done anything for Jason. She is further enraged when Jason does not give her credit for her actions but gives them to the Goddess Aphrodite. Media decides that if he cannot love with her with the same depth of passion then he will feel the same depth of pain his betrayal has brought on her. Media decides not to kill Jasonbecause that would be to easy for him. Media decides that by killing his children Jason will feel the depth of the pain loving him has caused her. Letting him live with that pain was the ultimate revenge.

  • brian Mcgill

    The flaws that this story has is great , the gold dress to start off, is poisoned, is going to kill the princess. The dress used a a weapon is something odd, why not a club or sword to kill off Jason and King Kreron? The flaw of Jason is he is a brut, he has wondering eyes, The other flaws is he is a man.

    Jason brings Medea to his lands, she is the one who kills her own people in her land, she has the flaw of being to impulsive.

    This story showes humans are flawed in ways of love, revence, and in acting on feelings of good intent showen by the Nurse.

  • Shannon Colbert

    group one

    Medea’s tragic flaw is her passion and undying love for Jason. He left her with a broken heart and she is raged and mad as any woman would be. She claims to the women of corrinth that she is hurt and that her pain should go revenged upon Jason and the women agree with her. The passion corrupted her mind to make her slightly insane until Kreon came upon her to ask her to leave. She gathered her mind of sanity back and came up with a plan of revenge upon the king, his daughter and Jason. Her tragic flaw of so much love for Jason put her in the position to hurt him as much as he hurt her so she consumed a power of selflessness and killed their two children where Jason will pain forever for the loss of his two sons.

    • Connie Hong

      I agree that Medea’s tragic flaw is her overflowing love for Jason. She loved him so much that his ignorance towards her fueled her rage to revenge her title as a woman. She wanted him to feel the pain she was inflicted by him and the only way out was to kill the people close to him.

  • Donna Sewell

    Oedipus’ tragic flaw is his curiosity. He is curious about who killed Laius. He is curious about who are his biological parents. Due to his curiosity he finds himself as the prime suspect of Laius’ murder and also the husband of his biological mother. Neither of which he would have discovered if he had not went in search of answers.

    Oedipus’ pride is also a tragic flaw. He shows his pride when he promises the people he will find and punish Laius’ murderer, before he realizes that HE is the murderer. But because of his promise he still feels compelled to bring forth the punishment, even when he discovers that he is the one who will suffer.

    Like Oedipus, Medea’s pride is her tragic flaw. She is concerned about how others will treat her once she loses Jason. She is also concerned with how her two sons will be treated since their father has left them for another wife. Medea describes death as less painful than living alone and betrayed.

    • Katherine Bates

      I agree with Oedipus’ tragic flaw, however, in the case of Medea, I still feel as though it is passion that serves as her tragic flaw. Medea commits murder to her brother and Pelias all because of Jason. Pride and worrying about how she appears does not seem to be the case because frankly, she does not care. Medea feels secure of being a foreigner because she feels safe in Jason’s love. Medea’s passion causes her to seek revenge, not necessarily her pride, because wouldn’t she be worried how she looked then, killing her own sons?

  • Quianna Williams

    Oedipus’ tragic flaw is that he is that he is blind regarding the truth about his own lineage, and about the grave state of his kingdom. Oedipus refuses to see the obvious facts regarding the death of his own father, and the notion that he has not only married his mother, but has committed the great crime of insest, by having children with his mother. Even with Tiresias prophecy that Oedipus is indeed the cause of the plague on the city, Oedipus is metaphorically blinded to the truth.
    Madea’s tragic flaw would be her initial eagerness to please her husband, Jason, by habitually tricking others to murder, and gain others trust to assist her in the deeds that ulimately causes Jason to lose his fiancee’, father in law, and his two children that were bore by Medea.
    The weakness that both characters share is their swiftness to intervene in situations without giving though of consequences. Oedipus curses the murderer of the prior king, and even when the truth is presented, he is still in denial.
    Medea swiftness to intervene in a situation that brought her misfortune lead to the deaths of her husband, his wife, and their two children.

  • marvin caldwell

    The famous Greek heroes Oedipus Rex and Meda both share qualities that make them heroes, and both have flaws that lead them to a tragic end. Oedipus Rex and Meda both share the same qualities such as intelligence. Oedipus answers the sphinx’s question without hesitation, and Meda’s manipulation of women into siding by her was powerful. The flaws of Oedipus and Meda differ, Oedipus’ flaw was his arrogance and Meda’s was her passion. In the Play Oedipus, when Jocasta found out that she married her son and birthed his children she suggests that Oedipus stops the search for the previous king’s murderer. Meda’s passion for Jason causes her to commit murder and betray her own family; she does this willingly to later realize that Jason wants to marry the King’s daughter of Creon. Both Meda and Oedipus let these flaws lead to their downfall.

  • Erika Lloyd

    Oedipus and Medea are in many ways similar. Medea’s downfall was to love Jason with “her heart on fire” (ln. 8). This line is significant because fire is symbolically destructive and warming at the same time. Her flaw therefore, is to love so much that it becomes destructive. Oedipus’ flaw is to love a woman so much that he marries Jocasta without the knowledge that she is his mother. But Oedipus also has another tragic flaw, and that flaw is intelligence. Oedipus, in a sense, is too smart for his own good. He solves the riddle of the sphinx and becomes uplifted with pride and arrogance. He fails to see due to his intelligence that Jocasta is his mother. Medea has the same intelligence as Oedipus. Her wittyness and cunning allow Jason to retrieve the Golden Fleece, which leads to her downfall. She becomes swollen in pride, and thinks that Jason would never leave her because she is so intelligent. When Jason marries another woman, it crushes her, because she, like Oedipus, was too smart for her own good. Their flaws are both their strengths and their weaknesses. Their love for their spouses is what makes them great, and ultimately what humbles them. Also their intelligence makes them great, but at the same time cripples their knowledge and common sense, leading to their downfall.

    • GRL

      I find the argument that someone is too intelligent a problematic one. Didn’t we discuss this in class? I would need further convincing than what you provide here. If anything Oedipus doesn’t think enough.

  • Elizabeth Lee

    Both Oedipus and Medea have tragic flaws that lead to the tragedy. Oedipus is presented to have more than one tragic flaw. We see that Oedipus is full of pride that gets him introuble, and that he is hasty in making decisions. Oedipus is very impatient and it serves to be a big disadvantage. When introduced to Medea by the nurse we get to see why she is in the state that she is before hearing her talk. In this introduction it shows us from the very begining that she very passionate about Jason, and there “love” for one another. As this tragedy goes on we see that passion is the reason for most of her reasoning in killing. I weep to think of what deed i have to do next after that; for I shall kill my own children (775-776). His betrayal of there “love” has made her feel pain, and she wants him to feel the same way. Medea let her passion for love and wanting to be wanted overcome the situation. These two tragic heroes don’t share any weaknesses but are both faced with them.

  • Randy McNamara

    Oedipus’ tragic flaw is his need and desire to be “the hero”. He wants to be revered as the “savior” of the land he rules. His ego drives him to seek the killer of the previous king, only to find out that the prophecy he has trying to avoid has been fullfilled.

    Madea’s tragic flaw is her passion for Jason. She is so amored with him that it causes her to not think of the general logic of killing her own children.

    Oedipus and Madea both share the the weakness of determination. It almost becomes an obsession to fullfill their plans or desires. Oedipus wanting to find out about his parents. And Madea’s desire to make Jason feel the same amount of pain she felt.

  • brian mcgill

    Medea as a woman is Smart NOT stupid. She gets revenge on Jason by killing his kids. Media is skilled in magic and ways to get rid of people, hence the dress she used to kill the Princess and any one else that touches it.
    Medea althogh a woman from a diffrent land is in love with Jason, she is still a outsider and is not trusted by some of the people. Medea uses her charms to try to get others to help her along. Agieus wants her to give him kids, but she is just useing him to get back at Jason.

    Medea knowes she is alone and decides to just Kill her kids as the get back at jason, she as a woman decides she does not want them dead, but is to late. She feels so much pain over this, but this is waht she wants to befall Jason and his house. .

    Medea will lose her way of life and thus becomes a person on the run. She is crafty, smart, and very dangerous, if she were a live today doing this, she would have caused more damage then just getting her kids killed, she would go after ALL who may have caused her pain, useinfg not only her craft, but maybe more like guns or bombs.
    Medea as a woman is powerful, smart, and does things out of anger that causes a mess for all who are around her. She hates Jason in the end, causes him pain and as a result, ends up a a person on the run.

  • Ashlee Collins

    Oedipus’s main flaws were his arrogance and paranoia. He felt that since he was the one to come in and solve the riddle, that he was above anyone in the city. Especially since he was an outsider who beat out everyone in the kingdom. He feels he knows more than everyone else and really cannot relate to the people and their concerns. That added with the huge dose of the fear that someone could overthrow him, it lead to his downfall. He could easily diffused much of the situation if he had listened to others instead of thinking he knew best.
    Medea’s flaw was the passion she had for Jason and revenge. She used that passion to help him get where he needed to be and when he was done, he dumped her. When she realized that he did not care about her, her passion turned into revenge for him taking advantage of her and essentially robbing her of her freedom and disconnecting her from her past and anyone else. In a sense, both of the characters are passionate people who make decisions without concern for anyone else, just as long as they get what they think is “justice or right”.