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Blog / Forum

A major portion of any study of literature or cultural texts is interpretation. For this, there is the blog or forum requirement. Each blog or forum entry should: address a work of literature, text, or topic you have been assigned to read or discuss for class apply a critical approach that we have discussed in […]

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This I Believe

An excellent way to begin Podcasting is by starting with This I Believe. Read or listen to several of the works at NPR’s This I Believe web site, like Jason Sheehan’s “There Is No Such Thing as Too Much Barbecue,” Jamaica Ritcher’s “There Is More to Life Than My Life,” or Penn Jillette’s “There Is […]

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You have been asked to begin revising the Criterion essay that you took at the beginning of the semester. Here is the topic: According to the law in many states, you become an “adult” at age eighteen or twenty-one, but for most people the sense of being an adult does not depend strictly on chronological […]

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Comp FAQ Assignment

Begin by looking over the Composition FAQ on LitWiki. Notice that is a list of frequently asked questions about first-year composition. All links that are blue (or purple) have been answered; all of those in red have yet to be. Read through a couple of entries in order to get a feel for what you […]

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Discussion Assignment

Like to discuss? Argue? Read new ideas and communicate your own? You should then consider using your participation on the class discussion group as one of your portfolio entries. Be sure you keep track of your contributions, especially those that prompt further discussion. For your group participation to count on your portfolio, be sure you […]

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