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Digital Story

This assignment will ask you to use iMovie to create a digital story that uses some of the themes and images of a work that we have read this semester. Start with a small, simple idea that is inspired by a poem, short story, or any work that we have read this semester. Find images, […]

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TCA MOO Narrative

You will be creating a spatial story on LitMUSE for this exercise. Using the ideas from the reading this semester, especially Jenkins’ “Game Design as Narrative Architecture,” try your hand at environmental storytelling by building a space in the MOO for enacted narratives, embedded narratives, and/or emergent narratives — perhaps recalling another text that that […]

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TCA Digital Story

Now that you have had some experience in the converging of media in the Flickr Story, we want to take it a bit further. This assignment will ask you to use iMovie to add sound and motion to your narrative: think convergence. (more…)

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TCA Flickr Story

In an effort to begin to think about narrative in ways other than the printed of a novel or short story, we will start our experimentation with photographs. For this assignment, you can either get out the old shoebox of photos to scan, or take new digital photos. You may work as a team on […]

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