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Avatar and Identity

Spend some time customizing your avatar. Take advantage of freebies, found all over Second Life: from clothes to skin, eyes to footwear, there’s no limit to how you can make your avatar yours. You can continue to work on that throughout the semester.

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Second Life: Building a Chair

On Second Life, go to the Ivory Tower of Primitives and take the tutorial located there. You will see a line of floating text on the floor telling you where to begin. Be sure you read carefully and follow the tutorial to the end. You may want to have a pen and paper near you […]

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Second Life Scavenger Hunt

Goal During the TechArt Scavenger Hunt, players will collect images and information to prove where they have been in SL. Each player will compile what they have collected in notecard form and return the notecard to Jhary Jatho. (more…)

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