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Tag Archives | Spring 2011

On-Campus Internship

This is an on-campus internship designed to provide NMAC students with an opportunity to apply their academic training by working as an editor or student leader for an on-campus student-run media organization

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Senior Project, Spring 2011

The Senior Project is a capstone course for students in the New Media and Cross-Cultural Tracks of the CIT program. Students will undertake a project that serves as a bridge between the humanities curriculum and the information technology coursework.

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New Media, Spring 2011

The senior seminar in new media seminar explores our inexorable movement from atoms to bits: from media based on the physical (record players, tape recorders, VCRs, newspapers, books, records) to that based on the movement of digital information (computers, VR, DVRs, MP3s, etexts, video-on-demand).

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