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Game Narrative

This exercise, your final for the class, should combine the theories of narrativism and ludology that we have studied this semester in a story that somehow includes an element(s) of play. Pick at least two other classmates to work with as collaborators on this exercise. Then, choose at least two theorists on which to construct […]

Digital Story

This assignment will ask you to use iMovie to create a digital story that uses some of the themes and images of a work that we have read this semester. Start with a small, simple idea that is inspired by a poem, short story, or any work that we have read this semester. Find images, […]

TCA Collaborative Assignment on Murray

Now that we have finished reading and discussing Murray’s Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace, it’s time that we synthesized the knowledge we gained from the text. In your groups, summarize the main points of your assigned chapters on the blog (please use the “Holodeck” category). Assign one person to write […]

TCA MOO Narrative

You will be creating a spatial story on LitMUSE for this exercise. Using the ideas from the reading this semester, especially Jenkins’ “Game Design as Narrative Architecture,” try your hand at environmental storytelling by building a space in the MOO for enacted narratives, embedded narratives, and/or emergent narratives — perhaps recalling another text that that […]

TCA Flickr Story

In an effort to begin to think about narrative in ways other than the printed of a novel or short story, we will start our experimentation with photographs. For this assignment, you can either get out the old shoebox of photos to scan, or take new digital photos. You may work as a team on […]

This I Believe

An excellent way to begin Podcasting is by starting with This I Believe. Read or listen to several of the works at NPR’s This I Believe web site, like Jason Sheehan’s “There Is No Such Thing as Too Much Barbecue,” Jamaica Ritcher’s “There Is More to Life Than My Life,” or Penn Jillette’s “There Is […]


Choose a song that has been a favorite of yours for a long time. Find the lyrics and print them out so you can analyze them, like you would a short story or a poem. As you listen to the song a couple of times, make notes about The tone of the music: is it […]