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Wiki Project

Your final project in NMAC 3108 is to construct a wiki around a certain topic. As a class, you will present a new project, or decide to revise an old one that’s already on the wiki.

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About Me

In many ways, the Web has made us all a bit more self-centered. While we might not always like what appears about us on the Web, we should use every means possible to control what gets emphasized. A good place to begin is to construct an “about” page.

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WP Permalinks

While you are working on getting content onto your Writing for Digital Media portfolio, you should also consider an important tweak that will make your site more friendly to your users. Before you post any real content, be sure it’s easy to find.

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First Pages

If you are creating your professional portfolio, you now have a professional domain name, working email for the domain, and a functional content management system installed on the domain. Having achieved all of this, you still ostensibly do not have much to show for it. You now must add content.

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Secure an Identity

Picking a domain name is an important decision. It becomes the foundation of the identity you are constructing for yourself, no matter what the web site’s purpose will be. Choosing the right name is the first step to establishing your digital identity.

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