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WritDM Lesson 3: Collaboration

This week we make a contribution to LitWiki, a web site that focuses on teaching and learning in the humanities. For this collaborative lesson, the class will write a single page on LitWiki, a wiki that uses the same engine as Wikipedia. It’s the class’ job to research, to plan, and to write a new […]

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Wiki Project

Your final project in NMAC 3108 is to construct a wiki around a certain topic. As a class, you will present a new project, or decide to revise an old one that’s already on the wiki.

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“Liberal” Media?

Media Criticism Web Assignment 3 • Fall 2008 There’s been much talk lately (since 2000) about media bias, especially from the “elitist liberal media.” In this assignment, you will investigate this notion as a group by contributing any of the following that address media bias: definition (with at least three works cited) annotated bibliography entry […]

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Media Criticism Wiki

Media Criticism Web Assignment 1 • Fall 2008 For this first wiki assignment, you may complete one of the following: Define a vocabulary term Write an essay about a specific topic we have covered so far Write a commentary (review) of a text we have read so far Put at least two entries on the […]

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Wiki Study Guide

For this assignment, you should begin constructing a wiki entry on any piece of literature we have read this semester. The completed wiki should take the form of a study guide to assist other students like yourselves when studying this work. Major sections of a LitWiki study guide should contain: A biographical sketch of of […]

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Comp FAQ Assignment

Begin by looking over the Composition FAQ on LitWiki. Notice that is a list of frequently asked questions about first-year composition. All links that are blue (or purple) have been answered; all of those in red have yet to be. Read through a couple of entries in order to get a feel for what you […]

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